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Plan Ahead By Establishing Powers Of Attorney

Most of us have an idea of what steps we want taken if an accident leaves us comatose or we become terminally ill. We want to make our own decisions regarding health care and financial matters if we are of sound mind, but sometimes that is not possible.

Planning ahead by establishing powers of attorney (or durable power of attorney) for health care and financial matters is a way to make your wishes known and name a person or persons you trust to make those decisions on your behalf if necessary. At the Law Office of Alec Harshey in Hemet, California, we establish powers of attorney for our estate planning clients throughout the Inland Empire.

A Living Will Clarifies Your Wishes

An advance health care directive is the document you complete that names a person to carry out your wishes regarding end-of-life health care. Without these important legal instructions in place, your loved ones must go through complex steps to gain authority to make health care or financial decisions on your behalf. In that sense, establishing a power of attorney to have your wishes stated clearly in a legal document will save your loved ones the emotional stress of trying to determine what you would want.

We understand the sensitivity of these issues and work carefully to explain your options and make sure your wishes are clearly stated.

Keeping Your Financial Life On Track

Durable power of attorney for financial matters authorizes another person to pay your bills, make bank deposits, monitor your investments and handle other money matters on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

The person you designate is known as the agent. He or she will retain authorization to handle your financial concerns until you revoke it (as long as you are mentally sound) or the court invalidates the document. If your agent is your spouse, the power of attorney authority is terminated if you get divorced.

Put Your Mind At Ease Regarding These Decisions Today

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