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Bankruptcy Relief For Small Businesses

At the Inland Empire Law Office of Alec Harshey, we provide comprehensive bankruptcy representation for small business owners. Attorney Alec Harshey has extensive experience filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions for small businesses that have failed or those that would succeed without their current debt.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS: Contact us today to discuss your small business venture. Our Inland Empire small business bankruptcy attorney can be reached at 877-824-8147 or online.

Small Business Debt Relief

We understand that your businesses’ significant debt may cause you to seek debt relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Our legal team is directed by attorney Alec Harshey, who has extensive experience handling small business bankruptcies. His extensive experience enables him to evaluate every component of your business to determine the best course of action.

Our firm understands that every business is different, with complicated income and asset structures. We know which questions to ask and which steps to take in preparing and filing your small business bankruptcy. We have handled cases involving corporations, as well as non-incorporated businesses. We understand how incorporation, as well as consumer debts, can affect your personal and business liabilities.

Our extensive experience includes handling Chapter 7 petitions for:

  • Family businesses
  • Restaurants
  • General contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Body shops
  • Electricians
  • Landscapers
  • Truckers

Bankruptcy For The Self-Employed

Attorney Alec Harshey possess sophisticated Bankruptcy Code knowledge. He knows how to determine income for self-employed business owners. We take great pride in preparing accurate and complete petitions. We evaluate financial data through a Profit and Loss Report thoroughly to ensure there are no duplicate expenses and the right items are being expensed for purposes of bankruptcy qualification. Our diligent approach enables us to obtain correct income data to prepare and file your Chapter 7 petition.

We invite you to take a moment to talk with our dedicated bankruptcy team to discover your options. We are available at 877-824-8147, or online. Contact us today.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.