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Legal Guidance For Landlords In Evictions And Other Disputes

An eviction, or unlawful detainer action, may be necessary if a tenant fails to pay rent or otherwise violates the terms of the rental contract. Evictions pose risks and liabilities for landlords. If you are seeking to evict a tenant, you want to make sure you are acting in compliance with California’s landlord/tenant laws.

At the Law Office of Alec Harshey, we represent residential landlords and property managers, commercial property landlords and owners of mobile home parks in evictions and other landlord-tenant disputes. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about California real estate law and landlord laws, including mobile home residency law, and committed to helping landlords and property managers navigate the tricky legal terrain of evictions/unlawful detainer actions and related litigation.

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Well-Versed In The California Eviction Process

In California’s tight real estate market, a nonpaying tenant is a costly liability for a landlord. If you are faced with a nonpaying tenant or abandoned property we can help you explore all of your legal options.

  • Sometimes a carefully worded letter drafted by a lawyer is all that is required to achieve the desired result.
  • You may need our help to negotiate an extension or other resolution with the tenant (in writing) or renegotiate the lease agreement.
  • If the tenant is in default and not engaging with you in good faith, you may need to commence a formal unlawful detainer action (eviction proceedings).

When eviction is necessary, we will guide you through the process to ensure you are in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, including proper Notice of Termination and other steps. Whatever your situation, our lawyers are here to help you protect your rental properties and real estate investments.

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