"A few years ago my wife and I attempted to start a small part-time business, while maintaining full time employment. Eventually our business failed, my wife lost her job and our adjustable rate mortgage interest rate increased to an unaffordable payment, and mounting credit card debt for a variety of reasons. From my initial contact with the Law Office of Alec Harshey through my final discharge I felt the process was very proffesional, compassionate and non-judgemental."

Now a few years later my wife and I are on path to a secure financial future, including purchasing a new home.

'I was very nervous to start, but with Mr. Hershey's help everything was great. W hat I liked best about the Law Offices of Alec Harshey is that they are very friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions. Very knowledgeable about I.R.S. bankruptcy laws and every other bankruptcy law. I was very satisfied. Mr. Harshey was with me all the way and explained everything so I would understand. He is the best. Trust in Mr. Harshey.'
J.C. Hemet, California

'What we liked best about the Law Offices of Alec Harshey is the pay ment plan, the whole staff being super helpful. Mr. Harshey and the staff handled our case in a very professional manner and we would like to thank you all! Because The Law Offices of Alec Harshey really do their job extremely well, in our eyes, the Hershey Firm is #1. We were extremely satisfied with the work product that the Harshey firm did for us. In our opinion, the firm gets a Five Star Five Diamond Award! W e will refer friends, people to the Law Offices of Alec Harshey because they did such a superb job why would they want to go any where else. The Hershey firm is the Best! The whole staff is very professional and caring . If you are looking for a great law offices, The Law Offices of Alec Harshey is the one! They will take care of your case needs from start to finish. The Law Offices of Alec Hershey gave us a new beginning.'
Thank you very much!
R.W. & Y.M.W. Banning, California

'From start to finish everything was very organized. Never had to wait on a scheduled appointment. Paperwork was alway s outlined or highlighted, depending on how important it was. Everyone was very helpful and very friendly during our visit or on the phone. W h ile calling other offices, others were very short and didn't sound very friendly . The Law Offices of Alec Harshey understood our financial situation and was willing to take payments, which helped. Amazed how much paperwork it involved, but all was put together in an orderly manner, and day in court went very smoothly . In one word, from case start to finish I felt, "relieved." Our experience with this matter was handled very professionally , but very friendly and very understanding . From 1 to 10, I would give The Law Offices of Alec Harshey an 11, because of their "kindness" during this difficult time. When someone is going through these financial hard times, you feel very down and very much like a "loser," but Mr. Harshey and his staff made us fell that it does happen and they are there to help us with a new start. We are so very grateful and appreciative of their help.'
O.S. & B.S. Banning, CA

'Want to thank you so much for everything you and your staff have done handling my bankruptcy . This has been the most difficult time by myself in my life. I appreciated the efficient way everything was done, with follow-up paperwork that I could refer to. Thank you also for being there at the court session. Will certainly recommend you should anyone else get in trouble like I did.'
P.M. Hemet, California

'Contemplating bankruptcy was humiliating and stressful for me. I felt reassured by the help and information from Mr. Harshey 's office and know I was in competent hands. Since I had many questions and concerns, it was a relief to receive prompt, polite, and proper answers to my questions. From first consultation, I felt in "good hands" and a very smoothly processed result was accomplished. With relief, I am happy to say that I am now on a more stable financial path, a very successful outcome! I was very satisfied with my ex perience, and so, would have every reason to pass on a favorable recommendation to anyone requesting it. Having experienced the kindness, patience and knowledge of all associated with the Law Offices of Alec Harshey and staff, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend same to others. A very friendly group of people willing to calm down and give hope to one who wasn't sure what to expect.
Thank you all!'
M.K. San Jacinto, CA

'Mr. Harshey has handled other cases for me, so I know I found the highest standards. I n that way I wouldn't worry about him not doing the correct thing s possible. By knowing that his office and staff were the best in Hemet, I did not hesitate to contact him and of course his staff. Every staff member was and still is ready to follow directions from Mr. Harshey . All his staff are pretty ladies, and well as informed by law. All were extremely courteous and helpful at all times. As I worked for a large law firm in Los Angeles for 25 years, I picked up quite a bit of law, but still I am a lay man. I did do some snooping , in that I called four (4) firms and asked the same questions to all firms and they all fell short of what I needed. A man who is rig ht there ready to take your case and explain so much, that you know for a fact that he is the one attorney in town that I need and I know that if I had another case, he would handle it perfectly , as he has done for me in this case. I am totally satisfied with my attorney. This is a very emotional matter itself, but now I will never worry about something popping up and making me a nervous person ag a in. What peace I have. I felt at ease from start to completion, due to the excellence and professional explanations that I asked time and time again. By him taking the time to fully explain the do and don't things to do kept me aware that I really have the best in town. That alone went on and on during the whole process. His staff was and is far above the normal person to handle very hard cases. I was put at ease the very first time and all during the process of getting this matter done professionally . Each time I had to call for some information, they took care of it. Never did one of them say "I'm sorry , but I have to look that one up in the books. They just said wait a bit while I look it up and tell you now, so put your mind at ease. I t is a miracle in these days to find kind, informative and excellent attorney and staff. I n these horrible and stressful times, there are more and more people just running amuck, not knowing what to do or how to do it. He and his staff should have a trophy just for being there.
I would never hesitate to recommend Mr. Harshey.'
B.F. Hemet, California

'The things I liked best about the services of the Law Offices of Alec Hershey was that they made me feel calm and at ease, under the circumstances. From start to finish I felt no worries with the Law Offices of Alec Harshey.In my experience working with the Law Offices of Alec Harshey, I felt the staff to be excellent, friendly and informative. I would choose the Law Offices of Alec Harshey over others because it is easily accessible. I rate the final work product as excellent! For all the above reasons, I would refer the Law Offices of Alec Harshey to someone else in need. In my opinion, I feel the Law Offices of Alec Hershey is an excellent office from Attorney to helpful staff.
Thanks a million for helping me get my life back together again!'
R.A.B Hemet, CA

'During our bankruptcy proceedings, Alec Harshey Law Offices provided our family with peace of mind and a secure feeling. Their staff is friendly and very professional, our worries have been resolved. We would highly recommend the services of the Law Firm to handle your affairs. Thank you again Alec, April and staff.' J.T. & M.T., Desert Hot Springs, CA

'Mr. Harshey and Staff: This letter is to convey our sincere thanks to Mr. Harshey and to all of his very competent staff for all their help and efforts in helping my wife and myself through the process of bankruptcy. At the time of our first visit to Mr. Hershey's office we were in need of serious help, worried and stressed from the loss of jobs and income resulting in greater difficulty in meeting our financial obligations. Mr. Harshey spent a good amount of time giving us the information we needed to make a well informed decision about whether or not bankruptcy was the right decision for us. After making the decision to file bankruptcy, which truthfully, was the hardest part of the entire process, Mr. Harshey and all those associated with the effort made every stage of the filing very easy to follow, everything along the way being explained clearly, carefully (never rushed) and truthfully. We really appreciate the care and professionalism of every person involved in making the whole process from start to finish go smoothly and painlessly for us, and once again give our sincere thanks to the Law offices of Alec Harshey and Associates for attending to our case with all due diligence and importance and for treating us with respect and dignity. Sincerely,
G.R. & S.R., Hemet, CA